Being part of the Keys Academy Trust has really benefited the school since we joined in December 2017. Not only does it offer us individualised and targeted school improvement, but it also provides excellent CPD opportunities for Staff.

Over the past year, we have worked collaboratively on writing moderation and having the opportunity to work as a group has been an important part of the assessment and monitoring cycle. Furthermore, our school has received bespoke Target Tracker training from the MAT and staff now feel far more confident in using this assessment package more effectively.

As a new Head Teacher, I have also received a lot of support from the CEO and the MAT and having the opportunity to have expert guidance and support has been invaluable to my ongoing development. Every month, there is a Leadership Meeting for Head Teachers and this provides an excellent opportunity to share good ideas, network and keep up to date with the latest developments and initiatives.  In 2018/19 the INSET/CPD has been developed further and I know that my leaders will benefit from the Leadership Training that starts in the Autumn Term 2019.

It is great to be a part of a family of schools who share a common goal and we look forward to developing our relationship with the MAT further next year.

Martin Gater
Head Teacher, St Sebastian’s CE Primary School